SCSM Views Not Replicating To Other Consoles

I recently had an issue with our own environment where any views created on the primary SCSM server were not visible by Service Desk staff. Also, any changes made to the current views were only visible on the primary Service Manager server. This brought me back to when another customer had this issue in theRead More

SCSM Notification Endpoint Missing From User Configuration Item

Overview I recently had an issue with SCSM whereby a customer had multiple user CIs that had an email address configured in Active Directory, however their Notification Endpoint (email address) field was not updating in the SCSM console. The end result was that the user wasn’t being sent workflow or subscription emails. After a lotRead More

Resetting an Azure Site-to-Site VPN Connection – Lost Connectivity

Occasionally an Azure VPN connection will disconnect and not automatically reconnect again. This could be if the remote device (router or firewall on-premise) loses Internet connectivity or power. To reset the site-to-site VPN connection follow the below steps. 1. Log in to the portal for the customer affected ( 2. Go to the “Virtual networkRead More